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Trekking Ko Lanta


A fun, alternative way to see the wonders of the tropical rainforests and enhance the experience is to travel by elephant. In actuality, even just sitting with these huge, gentle creatures is fantastic. Perched high upon an elephant’s back, swaying to the rhythm of its powerful, moving hips, you can drink in the tranquil atmosphere and songs of the forest.

Elephants generally work from the age of 10 until about age 90, so they live a long and productive life. In times past, their work centered around their ability to carry over a thousand kilos or more through even the most demanding terrain. Each fully-grown elephant weighs approximately three tons and grows to about 2.5 meters high, sustaining their bulk on a diet of fruit, bamboo shoots, grasses and leaves.

Elephant trekking is available on Ko Lanta, and can be arranged through your resort, or at the following places: just off the main road at Long Beach (opposite Red Snapper restaurant), turn left and follow the road for about 10 minutes; and near Mai Kaew Cave at Klong Nin.

This is a fun and enjoyable activity for the entire family, including small children. With  many trips to select from, you can participate in a one hour “fun trip” or explore deep into the jungle.

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